VINASECO has been highly appreciated and selected by many reputable domestic and foreign organizations as a long-term partner because of the quality of its products and the professional working style of its staff. With more than 1000 satisfied customers about us, ADC is confident to bring good results to its partners. With its expertise and experience, VINASECO aspires and confidently becomes the choice of customers.

People: Graduated from prestigious universities such as Hanoi Polytechnic, Hanoi National University, National Economics University, etc., each of us equips ourselves with a solid professional baggage when choosing Choose a job, but that's not all. What VINASECO always appreciates is not the degree but the ability and really professional working sense of each member. The flexible application of knowledge learned in school and practical experiences helps each of us become stronger and assert our abilities. VINASECO is proud to have brought a really dynamic working environment and always opens up many opportunities for each person to freely develop creativity and maximize his or her brain resources.

Experience: With more than 1000 projects successfully implemented, We are proud of our accumulated expertise and make the most of it to produce truly valuable products. Therefore, VINASECO is confident to bring success to its customers.

We know your business, with every project we take on, it starts with listening to the customer, and only does it when we know what you really want? We have criteria and technology for you to measure specifically, helping you know exactly what you are investing money for? for how long, and how to invest?

Customers: With a long-standing reputation in the Vietnamese market, we have received the cooperation of many reliable partners such as: LICOGI 13 Joint Stock Company, Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Joint Stock Company (Tisco), Dai Nam Corporation Supermarket Melinh Plaza, Ha Do Group, Vinfast,…

Warranty: We are committed to following you forever, providing a lifetime warranty on any product we have made or are making.

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