Quality Control

Set out the necessary quality criteria
For many industries, your quality standards need to answer external and customer requests such as:

The international standards in the field of application include: ASME, JIS, DIN, ISO, NEMA, ASTM, EN, TEMA, FDA…
The regulations of the country in Vietnam on the quality of products and services that your business is applying such as: Information, Decrees issued by the Government, TCVN standards, QCVN standards...
Finally, there will be the general requirements of the group customers that businesses need to target.
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Construction planning
As for each enterprise, they also need to set their own standards for the quality of the products produced. Each business will have its own criteria, but we need to synchronize with each other so that the product is the best system. However, these standards need to be measured in a customer way. Standard about the product of Measurement will as after:

Production of raw materials
Standard about the design
The supplier's site selection, purchase
Standard about the activity production, the create, thi public
Product inspection and acceptance
Standard test to focus on
In order for QC operations to take place effectively, in a reasonably automated fashion, you need to ensure the focus on manufacturing processes. Therefore, when you proceed to develop a quality control plan, you need to organize what percentage of the revenue that target group uses.

Create process activities to deliver quality
A regulated quality control is successfully established, making sure that the quality of that product is also very high. Therefore, when you create jobs, measure the results of those processes, your product will get better and better.

Test and evaluate the results
To ensure that QC continues to work in accordance with the production process activities of the enterprise, it is necessary to regularly measure and evaluate the resulting data:

Inconsistent results received by internal and external audits
Conformities recorded during operation
Complaints from customers
Customer feedback on product quality
Receiving feedback from outside the source
This is the end of the last end in the quality checker regulations need to be implemented. After the process of monitoring, adjusting and the results are given to ensure quality, it is necessary to continue to receive feedback. From the external feedback, you will know the problems that still exist that make customers not really satisfied with the product. From there to analyze and find effective solvers.