Helicoil | Wire thread inserts | Stainless steel

Helicoil Free Running thread inserts

DIN 8140 - Helicoil thread inserts
Material Surface Diameter (d) Length (l)
Stainless steel  - M2 - M42 3d

• High thread loading 
• Increased quality and value 
• Wear-resistant, low and constant thread friction 
• Highly resilient 
• Corrosion and temperature resistant 
• Cost-effective 
• Tight fit

HELICOIL thread inserts create load-bearing joints in metal materials with low shear strength.

Method / principle
HELICOIL thread inserts create high-strength, wear-resistant, heat-resistant threads of highest precision by transferring the force from flank to flank into the pilot thread. The reduced diameter of the HELICOIL in the first thread ensures that the thread insert can be screwed in like a screw.

The HELICOIL is used in mechanical engineering and in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. HELICOIL is also applied in gear housings, exhaust systems, engines and satellites, thread reinforcement, repeated installations, maintenance and repair as well as in lights, electrical appliances, hammer drills and printing presses.

HELICOIL Plus thread inserts comply with a variety of requirements and industry standards, including those in the aerospace industry, and feature other approvals as well as suitability tests, e.g. in the field of power plant technology.

Product benefits
Corrosion and temperature-resistant
True quality appears under extreme conditions. Even when exposed to high temperatures and humidity, HELICOIL thread inserts remain stable and reliable. Depending on the application, the thread inserts are made of different materials.

Long-lasting. The high surface quality of the rolled thread made of austenitic chrome-nickel steel ensures a high-strength, wear-resistant thread with a constant, extremely low thread friction torque.

Uniform load and stress distribution
Uniform along the entire length of the screw. The elastic properties of the HELICOIL thread insert allow uniform load and stress distribution.

Reduced thread friction
Less friction, more precision. For a torque-controlled screw tightening application, the screw pre-load force can be adjusted more precisely and the yield point of the screw utilised more efficiently.

Perfect for lightweight construction. HELICOIL combines minimum space requirements and high strength. Thus, high-strength screws are also perfect for use in materials with low shear strength.