Helicoil Screwlock | Wire thread inserts | Stainless steel

HELICOIL Screwlock thread insert screw-locking

HELICOIL Screwlock thread inserts
Material Surface Diameter (d) Length (l)
Stainless steel  - M2 - M42 3d

• Self-locking range for screw locking 
• High thread loading 
• Increased quality and value 
• Wear-resistant, low and constant thread friction 
• Highly resilient 
• Corrosion and temperature resistant 
• Cost-effective 
• Tight fit

HELICOIL Screwlock
This thread insert also has an additional screw-locking section. One or more polygonal threads clamp the flanks of the installed screw.

The elastically resilient frictional locking results in prevailing torques. These screw locking torques meet the requirements of technical delivery terms for international standards. The prevailing torques can also be individually adjusted as required for the relevant application, e.g. for securing setting screws. HELICOIL Screwlock are only to be used with screws of higher property classes (Rm > 800 N/mm2). In the case of high-alloyed screws, common lubricants should be used in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
The advantages of the HELICOIL System are particularly apparent with respect to processing and tools, resulting in shorter cycle times.