EDM Wire Cutting

EDM Wire Cutting

Closest Tolerance: ±0.002 mm

Surface roughness: Ra0.1

Material: Steel, Titanium, Super alloys, Brass, and many other metals.


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Wire EDM is a machining process that allows all types of metal machining that cannot be achieved with conventional machining methods. It is not only possible to perform fine and complex cutting using other machining methods, but it can also be produced within very fine tolerances. This ability to precisely cut on any type of metal allows our wire-cutting machines to create items in addition to architectural prototypes for automotive or aerospace applications. By using a computer, the Wire EDM machine can cut almost any metal design you can imagine. Precisely cut complex contours, small diameter holes and complex steel shapes.
This machining process can cut conical and irregular shapes. The finished product has a high precision and high surface quality of up to 10 microns. In addition, it has full control of the cutting parameters and its synthetic edges are burr-free. Our factory offers the best quality customized products made in Viet Nam with competitive price. 

EDM wire cutting advantages

- Precision cutting of intricate outlines, small diameter holes, and complex shapes from steel
- Cutting conical and irregular shapes
- High precision up to 10 microns 
- High surface quality (Ra ≥ 0.15 µm), generally eliminates the need for additional surface treatments
- Full control over cutting parameters
- The resultant edge is burr free.

EDM manufacturing solutions

- Precision manufacturing of miniature parts: RT has extensive experience in micromachining of miniature components (Ø ≥ 0.5 mm)  with a Ø 0.1 mm wireSmall series and medium series manufacturing (stacking)
- Design and manufacture of dies and blanking tools
- Manufacturing of dedicated jigs and fixtures
- Gauges, calibration tools, tools for shape setting of medical implants.
- EDM drilling / electrode drilling

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